Alisa is a writer, strategist and speaker clarifying complex ideas.

She transforms sophisticated clinical and technical concepts into clear, concise and consistent communications that get results!


Alisa speaks to audiences in a voice that they understand, and delivers projects on time and on budget.

Alisa’s extensive research experience is applied to all of her client work, analyzing competition and industry trends to gain the strategic insights needed to place each project into a broader context. The result: addressing customers’ needs instead of updating feature lists.

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  • "Alisa was the go-to writer, creating printed collateral, web content and technical documentation. She had the ability to take the same core message and adjust it to a variety of audiences, from consumers to technical professionals."

    -Magnus Stjernstrom
    Product Marketing Manager, Network Associates/McAfee

  • "Alisa is an extremely talented writer who can turn difficult concepts into concise language that flows, is easy to understand and doesn't require additional editing or rework."

    - Kristin Garvin
    Director of Marketing Communications, MAQUET Cardiovascular

  • "Alisa is a detail-oriented writer and marketing professional with a very creative style. She has the rare combination of hands-on skills and strategic ability that is an asset to any organization."

    - Elizabeth Hernandez-Jones
    Director of Product Marketing Communications, McAfee

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