A new report in the New England Journal of Medicine says that almost one-third of patients do not receive the necessary defibrillation within two minutes of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). The chances of survival diminish with each passing minute.

The lead author, Dr. Paul S. Chan of St. Luke’s Mid-America Heart Institute in Kansas City, suggests that one way to improve response times is to place automated external defibrillators (AEDs) throughout hospitals, just like you would find in airports, malls, gyms and offices.

“We have them outside the hospital setting already today. Is there any reason not to have these (in hospitals)?” Chan said.

The implications for AED manufacturers like Defibtech (known for their distinctive yellow and black devices) are staggering. Imagine if you could get an AED installed on every floor of a hospital, or every wing of every floor. Defibtech has already been ranked first in the medical equipment industry and seventh in North America in Deloitte’s prestigious Technology Fast 500 Program, a ranking of the 500 fastest-growing technology, media, telecommunications, and life sciences companies. Imagine how a company like that could grow and expand with this untapped market?

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