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Being discovered

Last updated on February 23, 2023

I am endlessly fascinated by two things: my web stats and my “Who’s viewed my profile?” area on LinkedIn.

I don’t have a paid LinkedIn account, so I only get teasers like, “Someone in the Executive Leadership function in the Marketing and Advertising industry from Greater Philadelphia Area.” Clicking through, I can usually figure out who it is, as it’s often someone I know who’s trying to determine what I’m currently doing and whether I have time for additional projects. But occasionally, I get some real doozies, as my mother would say. “Someone in the Manager function at Applebees,” was a recent choice. “Someone in the Leadership function at Military” was another. It makes you wonder.

But the web stats really blow my mind. Last month, 4% of my not-insignificant web traffic came from Italy. Nearly 1% came from Cameroon. Other countries include the UK, Turkey and the Russian Federation. I find myself wondering what they were looking for, and how they managed to find me.

And this month I discovered that one of my clients downloaded every single sample from my website over the course of nearly two hours. I only wish that they had spent that much time reviewing the current draft of the project we’re working on.

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