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In case of recession, catch up

Last updated on February 15, 2023

I have, so far, been fortunate to have work in 2009. True, it hasn’t been in the form of the large, multi-month projects that I had in 2008, but it’s still been plentiful. I have to admit that this has caught me by surprise, and I am eternally grateful to the clients, both new and old, who have decided that I was their first choice vendor for their limited budget.

Nonetheless, I am a planner, and as such I had a lengthy list of contingency items that I planned to do with my 2009 down time, time that I haven’t yet had. This includes:

  • Learning to properly care for roses (defeating aphids being high on that list).
  • Reading the many books that have backed up on my to-read shelf.
  • Spending more time volunteering for the causes that I care about.
  • Overhauling my website.
  • Training for another half marathon.

I wonder what it says about me that all of these items are active, and none involve sitting on a beach in Maui. Not that I’d ever, even for a second, turn down beach time, but I just know that I’d be using it to work on item #2.

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