Meeting, Greeting and Networking


Sometimes the ideas come rushing by.

Last month, my 9-year-old son and I took and extended road trip on the East Coast. It was a fabulous experience for both of us, forcing us out of our routine and giving us the chance to see people and experience things that were outside our normal world.

This could have been a huge risk professionally — it was a long time to work remotely — but I saw it as a good opportunity. By making the most of travel, I could meet friends and colleagues for cross-pollination of ideas that I’d never have access to from my home office.

Over the course of the trip, I met with doctors, communicators, web and print designers, content strategists, contract negotiators, and government employees. I had fantastic conversations over meals and coffee. I came back with new understanding and new approaches.

But the ideas that came from those talks really had a chance to percolate on the long drives. I had a lot of time to think. evaluate and plan in a way that I don’t do during the day-to-day grind.

Would I do it again? Absolutely. In fact, the kiddo is already planning next year’s grand adventure. I can’t wait to go with him.

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