Can I Speak To You, London?

big-benI’ll be in London from 6-10 February to attend a conference. Of course, I planned to fly in a couple of days early to adjust, because I wouldn’t absorb much with a freshly jetlagged brain. I could, of course, spend those days exploring my genealogy on day trips throughout England, or eating my way through Borough Market.

Or, if the opportunity arises, I could spend half a day speaking to your organization on 6-7 February. We could talk about introversion, or how to market yourself (as a freelancer, within your organization, or when job hunting). Or I could facilitate your card sort to help your organization find the strategic vision to work towards.

We can also talk about projects. I’ve been working with clients in Europe for eight years now, and have figured out how to overcome the challenges of time zones and remote work. Surprise! It works a lot better than you would expect.

So, London: let’s talk. I’d love to have the opportunity to speak to you.

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