retro-style US national park postcards

Each year, I send handwritten Happy New Year/Thank You cards to my clients and colleagues. I think it’s important to make that personal connection, particularly since I rarely work on site with anyone.

This year, I chose retro-design postcards from Anderson Design Group that highlight the U.S. National Park Service. They combine three things that I like: vintage travel poster design; sustainability and preservation; and great ideas.

The last point is paraphrased from writer and historian Wallace Stegner, who called the parks, “the best idea we ever had. Absolutely American, absolutely democratic, they reflect us at our best rather than our worst.”

That’s a concept that I wanted to focus on this year: good ideas that reflect all of us at our best. I’m particularly drawn to those ideas that get us away from our computers to explore the world around us, hopefully making us more inclined to protect and preserve our world in sustainable ways.

Each card I sent represents a park that I’ve visited, from Acadia to Volcanoes. There are still dozens more parks that I look forward to exploring in the future. This year, I got to explore Lassen Volcanic National Park for the first time during an unseasonable September snowstorm. We’re looking forward to going back to climb Cinder Cone when we’re not being pelted with hail.

I look forward to another year of sharing another year of good ideas — and possibly even adventurous hikes — with you. Happy new year to all!

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