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Being discovered

I am endlessly fascinated by two things: my web stats and my “Who’s viewed my profile?” area on LinkedIn. I don’t have a paid LinkedIn account, so I only get teasers like, “Someone in the Executive Leadership function in the Marketing and Advertising industry from Greater Philadelphia Area.” Clicking through, I…

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No time or “no” time?

People assume that the hardest thing about being a freelancer is time management. “Oh, I could never do what you do,” they say. “I’d be so tempted to go shopping or watch Oprah.” Trust me, just because you feel like doing that on your day off does not mean that…

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Another reason to take a day off

The BBC is reporting that stressful jobs negatively affect the body. The study, from the European Heart Journal, was met with a collective “duh” from anyone who has ever had a stressful job. “Stress appeared to upset the part of the nervous system which controls the heart, telling it how to…

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