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Content strategy crosses over

I’m a huge advocate of content strategy. All too often, clients bring me in to work on the content side of things, without giving any real thought to the “why” behind the words. And I find myself saying largely the same things over and over: More often than not, this…

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Content strategy beyond the web

I recently returned from the Confab content strategy conference in London, and as I sit here listening to the excellent conference playlist that left us all Shazam-ing at the session breaks, I’m plagued by a nagging thought. Content strategy isn’t limited to the web. Oh, sure: the web is where most of your customers…

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My really strange public speaking fear

This week, I’ll be delivering two presentations at the American Medical Writers’ Association (AMWA) conference in Sacramento. A good friend looked stricken when I told her. “I couldn’t do that!” she said. “Aren’t you terrified?” No. Should I be? Over the years, I’ve learned that as long as I’m comfortable with the…

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The marketing machine

I’m as much a part of the marketing machine as anyone, creating the messages that try to convince select niche markets that they absolutely, positively need to spend their money on a particular product or service. And yet, when presented with a holiday like Valentine’s Day — something that’s hyped…

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The Volt

Here’s all you really need to know about the Chevy Volt: it’s a car that you want to drive. I used to have Prius envy, pretty much ever since my father got his in 2004. I rented them from Hertz at every available opportunity. There was something about the Prius that soothed my inner do-gooder…

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Why you hate public speaking

Everyone hates public speaking, right? Ask almost anyone, even the most accomplished speakers, and they tell you that they get twitchy before they go on stage. But why? Public speaking is just talking, and everyone I know can talk. I blame school. (I have no doubt that my teacher friends…

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