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Best Paper: International Conference for Sustainable Development, 2023
“Measuring the Impacts of Digital Initiatives: Are We Helping or Harming?”

Communitas Awards: 2023
Excellence In Corporate Social Responsibility | Leadership in Ethical and Environmental Responsibility

NYX Awards: Silver Winner 2023
Content Marketing Strategy — Corporate Social Responsibility

AVA Digital Award: Platinum 2022
Individual Achievement | Metrics for Carbon Impact of Digital Communications

dotCOMM Platinum Award: 2022
Individual Achievement, Sustainability Communications

Sustainable Earth Small Business Award: 2022
Cash prize earned as runner-up for the SESBA Sustainability Awards, which celebrate small businesses and individuals championing sustainability

NYX Awards: Silver Winner 2022
Content Marketing Strategy: Measurement Program | Measuring the Impact of Digital Communications

Content Marketing Strategy: Special Topic Issue | Measuring the Impact of Digital Communications

MarCom Awards: Gold Winner 2022
Audio Presentation | Sustainability: A Critical Part of Your Communications Strategy

Clients and colleagues

“I consider Alisa an integral member of our Corporate team. She asks the right questions and fully understands the objectives in order to produce a final written piece. The results are not only only well-crafted, strategic and to the point, but also reflects a human tone of voice that is so important in the healthcare industry. She has the ability to take complex messaging and organize it into clear, well thought-out communications.” – Emma Reichert, Getinge Group

“Alisa Bonsignore is a trusted and valued collaborator. I appreciate her reliability, resourcefulness, experience, and, maybe most of all, her wit.” – Liz Herman, PhD, PMP, CPTC

“Alisa offers that perfect balance of both technical expertise and creative mind. She is able to take complex concepts and boil them down to “just the facts” for a general audience in a way that’s easy to read and understand.” – Marnie Santoyo, Tyco Healthcare

“She’s a fabulous writer and I couldn’t have successfully completed my work without her.” – Elizabeth Hirsch, Esq., Covidien

“Alisa is an extremely talented writer who can turn difficult concepts into concise language that flows, is easy to understand and doesn’t require additional editing or rework.” – Kristin Garvin, Covidien

“Alisa is an incredibly talented individual with “the gift of words.” – Wendy Auyeung, Tyco Healthcare

“Alisa is tenacious, creative and a self-starter.” – Lisa Machuca, Tyco Healthcare

“Alisa is one of those people who has a gift for writing. She has the ability to understand technical information and quickly transform it into benefit, solution-oriented copy for any audience. She brings not only creativity but attention to detail which is truly hard to find.” – Sharon Taniguchi, McAfee

“Alisa effectively juggled a broad array of projects and consistently met deadlines, even as departmental objectives frequently changed. She had a great sense of humor and was easy to work with.” – Magnus Stjernstrom, McAfee

“Alisa is a detail oriented professional. Her ability to write copy is second to none.” – Jeff Lewis, McAfee

“Alisa is a detail-oriented writer and marketing professional with a very creative style. She has the rare combination of hands-on skills and strategic ability that is an asset to any organization.” – Elizabeth Hernandez-Jones, McAfee

Keynote and conference feedback

“Thank you for blowing minds with your keynote! That’s one I’ll never forget.”
– Confab attendee

“This is a really interesting, thought provoking study and formula.”
– ICSD attendee

“The power required to run content-heavy experiences at scale takes a mind-blowing environmental toll. We can help reduce our collective carbon impact with relevant, efficient content design.”
– Confab attendee

“That’s a very simple and easy to understand way for emissions calculations Byte wise. Good work!”
– ICSD attendee

“I loved your speech on sustainability. it will be a great talking point when I get back to my teams this week.”
– Confab attendee

“It was a hit with the audience. I’m so grateful to you for sharing your ideas with us!”
– AMWA attendee

“Well presented; valuable content; helpful resources.”
– STC Summit attendee

“I loved your presentation yesterday. You were so engaging and energetic.”
– ASJA attendee

Additional awards for client work

NYX Awards: Gold Winner
Publications: Magazine | Intercom magazine
Award won for achievements during my tenure as Executive Editor

MarCom Awards: Gold Winner
Association Magazine | Intercom magazine
Award won for achievements during my tenure as Executive Editor