Clients and colleagues have given Alisa rave reviews.

“I consider Alisa an integral member of our Corporate team. She asks the right questions and fully understands the objectives in order to produce a final written piece. The results are not only only well-crafted, strategic and to the point, but also reflects a human tone of voice that is so important in the healthcare industry. She has the ability to take complex messaging and organize it into clear, well thought-out communications … I can always breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Alisa is working together with us on a project – ensuring that our messaging will be clear and highly effective.” – Emma Reichert, Getinge Group

“Alisa Bonsignore is a trusted and valued collaborator. Her unique approach to writing tasks and evaluating content is an asset to individuals and organizations looking to clarify complex ideas, which is exactly the focus of her company. I appreciate her reliability, resourcefulness, experience, and, maybe most of all, her wit.” – Liz Herman, PhD, PMP, CPTC

“Alisa offers that perfect balance of both technical expertise and creative mind. She is able to take complex concepts and boil them down to “just the facts” for a general audience in a way that’s easy to read and understand.” – Marnie Santoyo, Tyco Healthcare

“She’s a fabulous writer and I couldn’t have successfully completed my work without her.” – Elizabeth Hirsch, Esq., Covidien

“Alisa is an extremely talented writer who can turn difficult concepts into concise language that flows, is easy to understand and doesn’t require additional editing or rework.” – Kristin Garvin, Covidien

“Alisa is an incredibly talented individual with “the gift of words” – a rare ability to understand challenging situations and translate / spin them (almost immediately) into key messages for different “customers”, whether it be the end-user, sales force, upper management, or newswires.” – Wendy Auyeung, Tyco Healthcare

“Alisa is tenacious, creative and a self-starter. In a brief period of time, I was able to convey my project needs and ensure quality results. She always met my timelines and expectations, while working on multiple other projects. She manages her time and projects effectively as evidence by the fact that I never needed to follow up on our projects.” – Lisa Machuca, Tyco Healthcare

“My recommendation of Alisa’s work is that she is a true writer – she listens and can mold the few ideas you give her into true value propositions with just the right anecdotal story that hit right on the target.” – Lillian Wai, McAfee

“Alisa is one of those people who has a gift for writing. She has the ability to understand technical information and quickly transform it into benefit, solution-oriented copy for any audience. She brings not only creativity but attention to detail which is truly hard to find.” – Sharon Taniguchi, McAfee

“Alisa was the go-to writer, creating printed collateral, web content and technical documentation. She had the ability to take the same core message and adjust it to a variety of audiences, from consumers to technical professionals. She effectively juggled a broad array of projects and consistently met deadlines, even as departmental objectives frequently changed. She had a great sense of humor and was easy to work with.” – Magnus Stjernstrom, McAfee

“Alisa is a detail oriented professional. Her ability to write copy is second to none.” – Jeff Lewis, McAfee

“Alisa is a detail-oriented writer and marketing professional with a very creative style. She has the rare combination of hands-on skills and strategic ability that is an asset to any organization.” – Elizabeth Hernandez-Jones, McAfee